Astronomica: item descriptions



A robust, blessed artifact from ancient days.
The chainsword is prized for the intense bleeding damage it produces.
You were found with your hand death-locked about the grip of one,
And so were let to have it upon awakening.

Skill: Hammer of wrath
Rain successive heavy blows upon the enemy.

Notes: the chainsword deals the highest degree of bleeding damage of any weapon, so remains relevant all through the game.  Its light weight means most builds can keep it handy.  It can be refined, which makes it more brittle.

    Orbeque's matched cutlasses
A pair of chaotic blades carried by Orbeque the apothecary.
Infused with darkness to cause blindness when used.
When one realises how well traveled the Necromatic really is,
One starts to wonder where he procured his weaponry.

Skill: dance of blades

Notes: The dark power of these cutlasses scale the steepest with your inflicted level, but also increases the chance of chaotic influence.  If you're running a faith build, or any kind of "clean" build for that matter, best to keep clear.

    Golden sword of Idaeus
A mysterious gladus that glitters in a golden hue.
Terrible screams and explosions echo through the noble steel.
Taken from the hands of an Iron warrior who surely deserved more
Than his lot: how could such a figure have carried this blessed relic?

Notes: most effective as a faith sidearm.

    Fallen chaos sword
A small and useless sword, more useful as
Complement to a infinitely more potent firearm.
Infused with chaos and used en masse by Fallen Angels

    Custodians power sword

A terrifying mix of sword and storm bolter used by the Emperor's finest.

Weapon Skill: firing
Can use bolts to deal explosion damage at range and infuse strikes with explosion damage.

    The Lion sword

Mysterious weapon carried about by Cypher, the Fallen Angel.
Inflicts bleeding damage and guards well against chaos.
To have taken it from Cypher's care is testament to the Inflicted's resolve,
As well as his ignorance.

Notes: This is a character weapon, which means it can't be infused or refined in any way.

    The Emperor's sword
The very essence of the Carrion Lord burns the very soul
with a shame that no other might know.
Made for the hands of a giant, in every sense of the word,
And never intended for the hands of a mortal.

Weapon skill: parry
turn counterblow into a devastating riposte.


Heavy and simple, but difficult to wield.
A mad thing, used only by those possessing more strength that wit,

Weapon skill: battle oath
Increase slash damage with a prayer of insanity to your own mind.

    Small thunder hammer
Despite its weight, this hammer was designed to be swung
by one hand, leaving the other free for a shield.
A high degree of dexterity is needed,
But to wield the power of quake in one hand is certainly tempting.

Weapon skill: battle oath
Increase slash damage with a prayer of insanity to your own mind.

    Blood thunder hammer
    Fallen mace


    Heavy thunder hammer
An uncouth twist of design sanctioned by the Ordo Xenos.
Deals high quake damage, but slow and cumbersome.
Those who choose to wield such a weapon care little for their safety.
A confusing thing, to be sure.


Said to be infused with dark, though you can usually only get quake damage out of it.  While you can't use any shield with it, wearing the Lakodaemon shield will add dark damage to all attacks.


    Custodian poleaxe

Weapon Skill: firing
Can use bolts to deal explosion damage at range and infuse strikes with explosion damage.

    Power fist


    Phobos-pattern bolt pistol

A roughly wrought pistol from ancient days.
Every Astartes carried a simple bolt pistol
to use any bolts they might find.
But bolts are hard to come by, remember that.

Used by mortals all across the Imperium, not hard to procure,
Though the prevalence of ammunition cannot compensate its uselessness.
The need for more guns ensures a fair price at the market, though,
if mankind were ever merchantile on Convergence.

    Phobos-patten boltgun
Heavy and rough, but resilient to punishment.

    Umbra-patten boltgun
A refined shell that is light and easy to wield with one hand,
Though a little less accurate and more brittle than most boltguns.

    Stalker boltgun

Place your shots more accurately from long range with a scope,
Thus ensuring your hard-sought bolts are not wasted.

    Umbra-pattern storm bolter

Deals triple explosion damage at the cost of two bolts per shot,
So use at short range and do not miss.
A very aggressive firearm created for hands more powerful than yours.
When bolts are so rare to come by, this weapon's rate of fire is quite undesirable.

A compact means of carrying the power of fire in one hand.

An obselete weapon used to fire grenades at longer range.


   Umbra-pattern heavy bolter
A favorite of siege-breakers and monster hunters alike,
Destroys stone and chitin with high explosion damage,
And large and robust enough to provide solid defense,
If you know how to wield it so.

    Heavy flamer

Best used against those with exposed flesh and all living things.


    Infernus heavy bolter
An extremely rare and heretical mix of existing weapons,
That deals immense fire damage at heavy bolter range.
A bastard crossbreed of the Church of the Machine Sanctified by the ordo Xenos,
Which one can't help but sometimes question...

    Missile launcher
A very cumbersome, man-portable means
Of firing titan-killing rockets, if you can procure them.
Resilient to much brutal handling, this weapon was
initially designed for trench warfare and siege-breaking.


    Small shield
A combat shield that provides modest defense
To those who can utilize its woefully small size.
It might be insubstantial, but the wielder can perform the weapon art
Of his right hand without having to put the shield away.

    Furtive shield
A small shield with a secretive figure upon the face.
Offers high protection against Chaos, a twofold boon.
Who knows what lofty secrets this shield may have known
Before it was left to rust on this grave world?


    Golden Custodian greatshield
It is a feat in itself, to so much as possess a custodian's shield,
For upon the death of its owner, it is at risk of crumbling to powder.



    Death mask helm
The battle-helm you were found to be wearing upon death.
Modest, wrought from cold iron and heavy.

    Knight's helmet
    Ultramar eagle helm

A helmet worn by an Ultramarines ancient, with a winged faceplate.

    Golden helm
    Helm of fate



    Death mask chestplate

The chestplate you were found to be wearing upon death.
There is a fragment of painted metal held with a single bolt,
But its colour is indecipherable.

    Knight's chestpiece
    Ultramar chestplate
    Golden chestpiece
    Armour of fate

    Death mask sleeves
    Knight's sleeves

A gauntlet worn by the apothecaries.
Sacrifice the dexterity of the right arm
And provide healing for all your company.
The glass phials can hold two extra shards of sanity.

    Orbeque's narthecium
An apothecary's gauntlet, with the addition of dark infusion.

    Ultramar sleeves
    Golden sleeves
    Sleeves of fate

    Knight's legs
    Golden legs
    Legs of fate


    Death mask power pack
A standard-issue power pack that bears a small relic.
Maybe those who laid you to rest knew your ultimate fate.

    Knight's power pack
Bearing a relic of a past life.


    Autogun rounds
Small, solid projectiles made of nickel or lead.
Mostly useless, they ought to be used in large quantities,
Though it's still luck that dictates their effectivness, really.


A rare kind of bullet, more akin to an armour-piercing missile.
Bolts were designed for use against the heavily armoured foes,
And so should be used upon them, rather that the weaker ones.
You wouldn't want to mock their spirits by taking unworthy lives.

    Hallowed bolt
Oddly enough, silver has been found to be effective against the daemonic.

    Krak arrow
Deals shrapnel damage upon contanct.
Used by scouts and veterans alike,

    Frag arrow
Deals explosion damage upon contact.

    Melta arrow
Deals melta damage upon contact.

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