Mikos of Lakodeme

Character and plot by Marc Van Holst (Oldschoolgaming)

...Like enough some rover, awaiting in abuscade and utterly gormless. I have a great appetency to vie with the varlet, and pay him full well for his trespass.

Mikos of Lakodeme is an inflicted Captain of the Iron snakes Astartes, and is summonable through the right method.  You may find him wandering the Easternmost Shore of the Carrion Sea.
He was drawn, item descriptions state, to Convergence to face an old nemesis, N’styn the Kabalite; in falling he lost a great relic of his Chapter, the Dreadhorn of Ithaka.
Awakening amongst the Inflicted, Lakodeme’s initial desire to join his new brothers in serving the Emperor was strong, but his double obsession for wanton violence and the hallucinations of the dreadhorn caused the Necrmatic to turn him out.  Now, he wanders the Shores of the Carrion Sea, hunting for the clarion which he-- and only he-- hears blowing ever farther away.

"The horn, kenn'st thou? The clarion call that haunts thine audition? Ever did it herald the bruit of ulbrumil, on fair Ithaka, whence each billow bringeth the cleansing scent of brine. What madness doth cause it to render hence, to this foul sea of bodies? No wurm could ever swim here, lest it be the  esurient wurms of the sepulchre.  Perish the thought.... Howbeit, the clarion calls again and again?  Tell me thou hearest it…?"

Using the Dreadhorn of Ithaka will summon Lakodeme once before any late-game boss fight. The horn is obtained by killing N’styn, who can be found in a random location on the Dark Eldar pirate ship.  You'll know him, he's the only kabalite with an agonizer.
When summoned, Lakodeme immediately aggros on both the player and the Boss; highest threat value takes priority, and as soon as the Boss is down he will attack you in earnest. A sound strategy is to weaken both Lakodeme and the boss simultaneously, while you aren't the bigger threat, and to finish him off afterwards.

    Soul of Mikos

An impression of a desperate, clutching mindset
Which once desired to serve their God utterly.
The whine of a shrill horn echoes in your ears.


The warped handle gives the impression of
Great anxiety and anger in combat.
It is hardly a wonder the Necromatic turned
The previous owner away.

A heavy hammer, said to be infused with dark, though you can usually only get quake damage out of it.  While you can't use any shield with it, wearing the Lakodaemon shield will add dark damage to all attacks.

    Lakodaemon Shield 
A precious relic, nigh-unused by its previous owner, 
Whispering tales of ghastly deeds unseen by living eyes.
Initially made to compliment a certain hammer,
A strange pairing to be sure, given the weapon's size.

Notes on moveset

Swing: Lakodeme swings his weapon. It is possible to dodge through this attack and poke him before he recovers. Blocking might still render the dark damage to you. May follow up with a second swing. 
Smash: Lakodeme slowly raises his weapon and then hammers the ground in front of him. This attack
can clip through most walls, and the reach of his weapon rules out "balancing him on terrain while you poke him" out of possible techniques. May follow up with an immediate swing.
Charge: Lakodeme charges at the player, swinging his hammer upwards diagonally when he gets near; sometimes he will turn it into a smash instantly after. This deals heavy dark damage, and if you aren't running a faith build it might one-shot you. It can be avoided by running directly away or with the right dodging speed.  This attack always break your guard, and a slow dodge won't be enough to escape the potential shockwave.

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