Astronomica: Cessknights of Kharfax

Cempte the Argonath and his brother Hilarion of Ithica are cessknights of Kharfax, who guard the gate to house Kharfax cremation temple.  You need to defeat them to get past and retrieve another Inflicted that Orbeque spoke to you of.

House Kharfax were once a fine house dedicated to the eradication of undeath throughout the Imperium, bearing purging flame wherever they went.  It was assumed they descended upon Convergence with the intention of rooting out an undead threat there, which upon a grave world is a terrible threat indeed; but was it ever under their own volition?  Now the only knights left of the house are those two left to stand guard without the Cremation Temple, for all others are mysteriously vanished.  Dead and rotted into their command thrones, the mad conscience of these noble siblings now possess the titans themselves.

Hilarion's item set:

    Mask of Hilarion
Even the simple faceplate of a Kharfax knight
Should offer certain chaos protection.
But would you want to display the grisly trophies
of the last scions of a noble house now extinct?

    STC of Hilarion's sword
The echoes of a titan's mighty blade, infused with flame.

Weapon skill: oil
buff fire damage for a short time.

Cempte's item set:

    Fragment of Rosa
A decorative rose torn from Cempte's hull,
Now useable as a shield with high chaos and darkness resistance.
This fair flower echoes with the love of a mother,
And the resonance of distant sadness.

Weapon skill: parry

    STC of Cempte's switchaxe
Too large for even an ordinary knight titan to wield,
It would be folly to hope to retrieve the cessknight's weapon.
Take this STC to a smith, and you may possess the
Very same in miniature.

Weapon skill: transform
switch the weapon from a greataxe to an axe and sword.

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