Corporal Stike

 "Oh, hallo.  Running errands for the Necromatic, art thou?  ...Ah, I see now, but thou'rt Orbeque's most recnt protigee.  Mind me not, lowly corporal such as I am, let me sit here and rot.  Know only, I hath seen thousands of thy kin tread the pave of this Outpost."

Just inside the entrance of Orbeque's outpost sits a forlorn guardsman, shouldering a flamer.  His company was drawn here long ago, as are all in the end, and of the hundreds that made planetfall, he alone remains, brought back to life by sheer force of imperial faith.  Corporal Stike, though not Inflicted (as a human's buildup makes that impossible) lives in a half-dream state of undeath, keeping his last command until at last he finds a proper death.

His platoon were charged with the holding of the Outpost, but time passed and their numbers whittled down in mysterious ways until only Stike remained to fulfill a last command of guarding the gate until he was called for-- a command he now cannot abandon, for anticipating disobedience his commissar cut his knees, and he can never stand again.

Like most human NPCs, he cowers when attacked.  However, if you kill him before talking to the Salamander blacksmith, the Astartes will bump up his prices right from the get-go.  Does this mark some connection between the two?  The bond of fire, perhaps?

Item drops

    Stike's flamer

A rough militarum-issue flamer, unadorned, unmodified.
The simple fact that this was carried by a veteran is
Enough to make it a valuable relic to the faithful.
Perhaps it is more useful that way.

Skill: flame
deal high fire damage at mid-near range.

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