Astronomica: Dula Hazreb, Primarch of the IInd legion, the Abyssal Goats


The landing of the infant Dula Hazreb's capsule on Convergence did disastrous things to the planet it was said, for he was alleged to have made the vast grave-pit they call the carrion sea.  It is not specified where, but he was said to have lived within a lightless cavern filled with dead bodies for the first five years of his life, their echoes of former lives about him teaching him the art of speech and a rudimentary knowledge of his predicament, his world.  His world.
He was found by the grave-diggers of an unnamed death cult, a parchment-skinned youth apparently in his late teens, with sickly, veined flesh, the red eyes of true albinism and hair like optic fibres.  They later founded a city upon that place, but its whereabouts are unknown.

The young Hazreb was brought up in the embrace of the death cult, originating from and based in what we assume to be the Burier's Hamlet.  This cult revolved around on the explicit desire to be killed and not to die of one's self, through disease or age or otherwise.  Death was revered, and paid for in vast amounts by those who sought it.
Hazreb himself began as a common executioner, receiving such tithes as the church expected of its victims and never taking a cut for himself, which of that time was unheard of; of course, as only to be expected of a Primarch, he rose in the ranks through evangelist to priest to death-deacon, where a twofold falling out with his superiors prevented him from becoming supreme head of clergy.

You see, Dula Hazreb believed death had to be earned, not given, and his faith-by-works theology certainly concerned and angered those to whom money and congregation sizes were paramount.  He, Hazreb, believed that killing a few utterly devoted as opposed to the masses of half-committed was beneficial to the faith and the general worship of death, of course not taking into account the tithes the church desired and received in turn from those half-committed masses.  What made it worse was those below him began to develop this insane notion that Hazreb himself was the mortal embodiment of death, earning himself the title of "Carrion Christ".

While Hazreb denies knowing about such rumors, it is not known whether he discouraged their circulation as he was told to, for in ten years he had usurped the cult leaders and had pretty much rebooted the religion with himself at its head as the Carrion Christ and a multitude of psychopathic followers.
Collectively, with Hazreb leading them, the entire cult swore to fill the dry oceans with the bodies of those faithful to the worship of death.  It is a disturbing thing to realise, ten thousand years on and their oath is nearing completion...

Descent of the Emperor

The Emperor of Mankind descended upon Convergence after finding the Lion, with high hopes in the remainder of his sons.  The future Primarch of the IInd legion was at the height of his power at this point, and the master of mankind was clearly displeased in the extreme with the antics of his lost son.  Even so, Hazreb was united with his children, the IInd legion known previously as the Space Goats.  It is said that Hazreb was turned down his initial wish to rename his legion first "Thousand young" and second "The Death Angels" for obvious reasons, so resentfully he was finally decided upon Abyssal Goats, and took in the ebon-plated Astartes and made Convergence their home.  A convenient "Ascension" addition to the religion created some months prior could not have been any less than half-divine premonition, for induction to the legion integrated seamlessly with the death cult, despite all warnings and admonishments of Hazreb's father against continuing the cult.

Dula Hazreb would eventually climb into the stars and leave his death cult in the hands of five of his bishops, who saw to the induction of a few new Astartes from their congregation while the Primarch waged war in the name of his father the Emperor and his true master, Convergence.  While he was gone, a certain saint rose amongst the cult and became a living icon of whom all had assumed to have ascended to godhood, unaware that he already was a god, albeit synthetic.  This woman was Azanath the Virgin, one who loved the Primarch from afar and once hoped to give him her hand in marriage, though forty years of her life had passed and Hazreb did not acknowledge her even once.  Azanath was obsessed with killing and her sainthood was derived from both that and her pure "affiliation" with Hazreb, and crowds of pilgrims would pour from the slowly emptying hive cities to be slain by one so touched with death.

The end came when the Abyssal Goats were called by the XIIIth legion to assist in the desperate struggle against Horus and the slowly increasing number of traitor legions in what was to become the Horus Heresy.  Dula Hazreb, for no apparent reason, simply did not appear in the records again from this time forth, and whenever he or his legion was noted, they were struck from records completely, or the data was reworked to incorpirate vague and defunct Chapters in place of the newely-damned Abyssal Goats.  Nobody knows whys or wherefores, but maybe the people of Convergence will tell us...

Current state of affairs

Now Hazreb is returned to his world, dead and brooding in the dark and fathomless pit into which he was born.  His cursed legion lies shattered about him, desperate to draw the Imperim's attention thither to bring the light of the Astronomica to their dreaming Primarch, a damned legion indeed.  Despite all their attempts to excite investigations into their existence, including many sudden battlefield appearances and certain individuals volunteering to escort a banner into deep space, the Abyssal Goats has no choice but to turn to itself for salvation; and so it can, for in unwitting haste the Imperium have been supplying this damned legion with new initiates for every one of those ten thousand years after the Heresy, completely blind to the significance of this ancient grave world Convergence.

   Item set:

   STC of the Carrion Christ's attire
Made from the very flesh of Convergeance itself,
Hazreb's suit of power armour was impossible to retrieve.
This STC will provide a crude rendition that
Grants extremely high chaos resistance.

    Profaned chainblade
An ultra greatsword carried in the right hand of Dula Hazreb.
Infused with blinding darkness and combined with a heavy bolter.
It has been said that Hazreb forged this wepaon himself,
Though other sources claim he took it from the warp.
weapon skill: firing
Imbue strikes with explosion damage, or deal explosion damage at range.

    Profaned custodes greatsword

A custodes greatsword infused with a gnawing pestilence,
Carried in the left hand of Dula Hazreb.
It is a wonder that the IInd primarch even possessed such a blade,
For he was never known to have reached Terra.

    weapon skill: firing
Imbue strikes with explosion damage, or deal explosion damage at range.

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