Astronomica: Locations in order

Awaken in the Hollow of rebirth.
Characters: Orbeque.
optional boss: Orbeque.

If you kill Orbeque, endings 0, 3 and 5 are impossible, plus you won't be able to level up.  You get his stuff though, so best to try this on NG+.

Up the path to Resolve to Orbeque's outpost.  Ending 0 optional.
Characters:  ancient Vedr, corporal Stike, Salamander, dark eldar.
Boss: Rot-crazed Astartes.

From there, to the bridge Crest-on-Nightmare.
Characters: Cypher

From the bridge Crest-on-Nightmare west, through the Bleak to the Burier's Hamlet.
Characters: Uriel Ventris
Boss: Strider of the Ashen wastes

from the bridge east, or from the hamlet north, the road towards the Taken Citadel.
Characters: Pasanius Lysane
north midboss: dark eldar grotesque  Boss: keeper of the keys

Through the Taken Citadel.
Midboss: Rogue land raider.  optional boss:  Ventris/Pasanius

From the Taken Citadel over the Mountain Pass
Midboss: three Chaos spawn

Up the pass to House Kharfax Cremation temple.
Boss: the Cessknights of Kharfax.

Up through the temple to the summit, where you find the Other Inflicted.
If you retrieve, carry on then to the Corpse sea; if you destroy, Ending 1.

Backtracking to the Burier's Hamlet to be caught and brought to the Dark Eldar pirate ship.

In the usurp the primarch DLC, return to Orbeque's outpost before going to the Burier's Hamlet to initiate DLC and go to primarch's ship.  DLC endings possible.
DLC characters: Inquisitrix Greyfax, Belesaurius Cawl, Robute Guilliman
DLC optional midboss: legio custodes.  DLC optional boss: Robute Guilliman

From either the pirate ship, or the primarch's ship, down to the depths of Convergence

Descend the depths of Convergence, through the Memorial Citadel, the shadowed flipside of the Taken Citadel.
Midboss: another rouge land raider

From the memorial citadel over the river Styx.
Boss: the fall of corpses

Final exposition dump and, after confronting Hazreb once, the final decision.

If accept fate, embrace Hazreb.  Ending 2.
If deny fate, side with Orbeque to fight Hazreb a second time. Ending 3.
If Guilliman dead and accept fate chosen, Ending 4.
If Guilliman dead and deny fate chosen, Ending 5.

Please click here to see the list of endings.

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