Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Building Cempte the Argonath #1: A porphyrion with arms?

 Last year, I was thrilled to bits to receive a FW titan box in the mail.  My good buddy Jojo (d'you mind if I call you Jojo, Jojo?)  traded a commission and a bit of money for this beauty.  I technically can't get big FW all the way down here to NZ, but with Jojo's help (and a scary moment of telephones and emails with customs!)  Cempte the Argonath arrived at my door.
Without delay I unpacked and washed the bits before stowing it away again-- with a crowded horizon including a novel and a house, I couldn't possibly fit him into any sort of schedule.

But I promised him he would be the first model I would bring to the Sago altar in its new location.  And so I have done.  Or am doing. He's... he's not finished yet.  While not my first resin titan-- that'd be Jojo's Knight lancer commission-- it was a terrifying prospect.  By far the biggest model I've ever tackled.

 So, here we have Cempte, one of the cessknights of Kharfax, sort of the Ornstein & Smough of the Astronomica story.
I'm really gonna miss that old wall

 Along with assembling Cempte himself, I had to sort of tweak the switchaxe I had made for him some time ago.  By tweak, I mean plugging it full of magnets.  Yes, I'm favouring a two-handed weapon and the laser cannons are going to be left off-- shock horror!  Unfortunately he's only got one pair of shoulders, and those were going to be used for the arms.

 The arms were actually harder to plan than I reckoned.  Eventually it came down to wrapping melted sprue around the metal and hoping to sand it down and ork my way to success with putting enough convincing machinery on: you know how it works!

 So that's where I'm up to there.  A bit of a confusing mess at the moment, also I'm in including a twin-linked heavy bolter onto the left forearm to excuse the hoppers either side.

 RIGHT!  Super-amazing thing my dad actually suggested to me when wondering how to attach the arms.  I don't have the big magnets I used to use for such occasions, and I was also worried that they wouldn't actually hold even f I did.  Dad recalled the old G.I. Joe "rubber spinal column" system and wondered if I couldn't repeat that here.

So what he kindly provided me with was two eye screws (hooks, actually) and the spring off one of those plastic "Better Mousetraps" #notspon.  The spring allows for a bit of movement, and as I won't be needing to transport Cempte much, removing the arms is difficult though possible.  Also a spring should last at least eight hundred times longer than a rubber band, so yeah.  Aren't dads brilliant?

Then I promptly closed it over with the hull, whoops.  I do need access to it... so I'm going to have to make a maintenance hole in the back where the missiles pop out of; just as well I don't want to include them.

Speaking of the back... I made a bunch of keyholes in the back, just on a whim.

Another thing Jojo sent me, Throne bless his heart, was a pair of Warhound greaves.  Guess where they're going!

I don't know what I would have done otherwise for pauldrons.  What you get with the kit is... sub par, and I know I couldn't smash anything together, not with my skill level.
Oh dear, now everyone's going to be saying "SATURNIS SATURNIS UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU" and other noises they make with their mouths.  Ah well.

In return, Jojo asked that I include the "fragment of Rosa" which you can read about on the Cessknight's page.  And that's that!  Thank you so AWFULLY much once again Jojo, you won't believe how amazing this project has been for me... or maybe, with a warhound titan under your belt now, you do ;)

Don't expect too many updates on this blog. Astronomica is really only a sideline project, a few little bits here and there and maybe some fluff-- but remember, if you're into Souls or Soulslikes and think you can add to Astronomica, don't hesitate to make yourself known!
Bye bye for now.


  1. Big fan of souls! And this is looking amazing already! Looking forward to seeing the finished product! Would be really interested to see how your 40k souls game works!

    1. Ah, I wish I had the time to make stats and rules, and put it into a proper game! Thank you, I've been both terrified and excited to get this chap underway XD