Friday, 15 September 2017

Results of the Soulslike competition!

Well now!  Only a few days overdue, but this post will mark the close of the 40K Soulslike "competition"; I wanted to keep it going a bit longer as Matt was preoccupied, but he showed me a WiP and I just needed him to finish!  You'll see his character below.

This doesn't mean YOU can't add anything to the Astronomica project!  If you like warhammer and the Souls series-- to any extent-- have a squizz (as my uncle says) at the fluff pages to the far left, and pop me a line if you can add something to the table!  I want this to be an open project, but I'm crap at publicity, so if you know anyone who might be game...

Corporal Stike
We'll get mine out of the way first, as he's nothing special; corporal Stike.  An early-game NPC with no early-game use, that I know of...

Mikos of Lakodeme

A rather menacing summon from Marc van Holst, a character based on his Iron snakes Chapter.  You know, this is what I'd quite like to see.  People bringing their own characters into the Astronomica project, to make the project their own.  Also FW terminators as so coooooool!

Strider of the Ashen Wastes

A pretty spectacular boss from Matt Fussell.  First time I saw him I wanted to have a crack at one of my own, despite all the million other projects I've got going!  Matt also brought a new facet to the Astronomica project; the mechanic of lore books, collectable throughout the game and DLC.  You'll find the link to the corresponding manuscript on the Strider's page.


So, in keeping with the competition, these fine fellows earned themselves a little treat each!  What did they win...?  Drum roll please?

Well, Matt asked so very politely if I had an Astartes sitting about who would make a nice Grandmaster Azarael.

Yes, it IS meant to look like a key.

... Oh, look at that, turns out I have one half-complete on my desk already!

 Marc asked for a portrait of Mikos.  It's a long process, but be assured Marco, I'm not slacking on it!

 As I had to make a character too, I got a treat too.  I got to spend ALL my money at my FLGS and buy the Deathwatch squad.  Currently in the process of fritting away the bits into confusing and ultimately useless characters; such is the wont of a kitbasher, I suppose...

Well, that's that.  Go have a look at the characters' pages, give the wonderful creators a follow and again, shout out if you think you can add something to #Astronomica!

Bye bye for now.

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