Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Lonely guide: painting the Inflicted

Hallo!  Welcome to the first post of 40K Soulslike!  I decided the best way to stat a new blog would be with a painting tutorial, so here we go; painting the main character of Astronomica, known as the Inflicted.

This is what we're aiming for.  Fairly quick and simple, even the freehand flames aren't that big a deal.

Start with a chaos black undercoat, of course.  I personally would prefer starting from white and adding a layer of black, but black primer is all I had at the moment!

 The brightest colours go on first: skull white for parchment and bones-- which I ought to have shown how to paint first!!-- evil sunz scarlet for the seals and mournfang brown for the leather, along with the silver of your choice for soft armour, chain and trim.  I know it seems real early to put metal down, bear with me.

Right, now you're going to want to put down four careful washes: on order, watered-down mournfang on the silver, nuln oil (keeping it off any parchment your chap might possess), agrax earthshade and typhus corrosion.  We're going for an ashen, almost flaky look here, so the typhus prevents the shiny finish the washes would give.

Once com-plete-ly dry, drybrush over all with stormvermin fur to add to the ashen effect and tone down the khaki colour left by the typhus.

Now for the flames.

Using thin layers all the time, start with scarlet.  Dab a small "puddle" along the bottom edge, then clean off the brush as quick as you can and drag up the paint into licking flames.  Make sure to add the occasional floating flame for a bit of life.

Repeat the method with fire dragon bright and averland sunset.

Finish off with flash gitz yellow.  You may add white if you wish... I'd rather not.

The base is black with stormvermin and dawnstone drybrushed over for a monochrome dirt that doesn't draw the eye.

Weathering isn't particularly hard either.  Drybrush ryza rust wherever you feel like it (mostly on the lower edges and not where the flames are, but other than that, wherever!)  and spatter blood with a long-bristled, extremely old and scratchy brush.  Don't worry about going over the bones, just touch them up with screaming skull afterwards.  Actually, do touch them up, even if they don't need it.

So there we are.  Simple enough for everybody!

As I've stated somewhere before, this won't be the most prolific of blogs.  Anything posted here will only be Astronomica/ 40K Soulslike related, which out of my work holds only a small percentage.
See you around!  Bye bye for now.

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